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One of the best ways to achieve a goal is through planning because it provides a sense of control and self-empowerment. Certainly, planning for college costs is no exception and one of the most important first steps is to start investing early. But it’s also wise to be consistent in your saving efforts. Pair these strategies with additional sources of education funding to maximize the possibilities. Learn more»

Gifting with the LoneStar 529

Birthdays, graduations—any special event can be an opportunity to give a gift to the student in your life. Get the details now»


We offer a host of calculators to help you project your college funding needs and options.

Use our College Savings Projector to calculate what your savings may be worth when your child starts college, and compare a tax-free account (such as a state 529 plan) to a taxable account.

Our 529 State Tax Deduction Calculator helps you quantify the value of your state’s tax deduction or credit applied over your investment horizon, given your planned contributions, taxable income and filing status.

Our Education Funding Planner assesses your college savings goals and strategies. It works by analyzing the college funding challenge for your household by projecting college costs when they reach college age. Based on this information, the calculator then determines how much more you need to save on a periodic basis to meet those costs. The planner includes a college cost database containing approximately 3,800 colleges.