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The LoneStar 529 Plan is established and maintained by the Texas Prepaid Higher Education Tuition Board. The Texas Sunset Advisory Commission performs periodic reviews of most state agencies. The Commission is currently reviewing the mission and performance of the Board. For information on how to provide comments or suggestions to Sunset staff on the Board’s mission, operations or services, please click here.



The LoneStar 529 Plan is a Section 529 college savings plan that provides families a tax-advantaged way to save for college.

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Why Choose the LoneStar 529 Plan?

The LoneStar 529 Plan represents an opportunity to help make saving for college easier. From trusted investment management expertise to affordable costs to automatic investing options, the LoneStar 529 Plan offers a wide range of potential benefits. Get details»

The LoneStar 529 Plan Investments

The LoneStar 529 Plan offers both Age-based and Static portfolios to help you work toward your savings goals. Get Details »

Investing Basics

How do you balance risk and reward? How do you allocate your assets? We help you understand the basics of investing so you and your loved ones can start saving with confidence. Get Details»